Choose the sweater that belongs to you

Knitwear unlocks the freedom of dressing, offering versatility in both standalone and layered combinations. Knitted garments present a unique way to adapt to every temperature. The intricate intertwining of delicate fibers adds texture, enhancing expressions for both everyday and professional settings.
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1.Fashionable Intellectual Style - Collared Knitwear
A twisted knit cardigan with a slim overall silhouette, suitable for daily commuting and stylish urban layering with denim bottoms. Made from 100% beautiful Merino wool from Australia, the natural fiber provides high breathability, adjusting temperature with body heat changes, ensuring comfort beyond a single season and extending softness and warmth into spring.

A zip-front naval collar cardigan, replicating classic stripes, balances practicality with street-style fashion. Crafted from ultra-fine beautiful Merino wool (19.5MIC), the use of pure, natural, renewable, and biodegradable Basolan wool aligns with the contemporary consumer’s pursuit of sustainability.

2.Relaxed Cozy-Fit - Skillfully Tailored Knitwear
Using the skin as part of the clothing, revealing skin appropriately for a fresh and innovative look, achieving a delicate balance within solid colors woven with all-wool yarn.

An off-shoulder knit sweater, using coarse spun Basolan all-wool yarn, appears sleek and sharp in black, elegant and noble in white, and charmingly fresh in pink. Whether for daily commuting or festive socializing, it is an attention-grabbing knitwear item.

A round-neck off-shoulder detail pullover knit, a winter dressing subtlety with meticulous needlework, showcases craftsmanship with embossed sleeve cuffs. The combination of high-quality ultra-fine imported Merino wool and mohair produces a rich, lightweight, and fluffy texture, exuding elegance and grandeur.

A unique side-opening collar pullover sweater with a round shoulder and diagonal button design creates a visually elongating neck effect, it offers a versatile and textured option for winter wear.

Choose the sweater that belongs to you — a variety of winter warmth options, all available in our link.

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